TradeoBug have developed a lucrative, successful and Fail proof business model. Now appointing franchisees to manage specific areas across the Asia and Middle East. Earnings potential is huge. An ideal candidate will have already had a successful career and the rewards are there if you are happy to work for us. If you are to invest in a franchise which is the largest of its kind, then you are expected to be a hard-working individual. The reality of your franchise experience will reflect on the income and the work and effort which you will be expected to demonstrate.

Applicants from all backgrounds will be considered, provided they can demonstrate the skills required to perform the role and a "self-employed" mentality.

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To protect our business integrity and to conform to the regulatory requirements, our selection process is rigorous. We look for individuals with

  • High personal integrity.
  • High standards of people management and communication.
  • Ability to display financial acumen.
  • A willingness to learn a new business and through ongoing personal development adapt to changes in the market.
  • A customer care priority.
  • A willingness to share best practice and be involved and contribute to the growth of the Aspray business.

You will not need previous experience of franchising or the building trade. In fact, not having this experience can work in your favors as you will learn our business blueprint without being influenced by other, less successful formulas.


Shaun Wilson

Ali Fayad

Max Kopik

Oscar Charles

Aaron Smith

Jose Rodriguez

Nathan Harper

Alexander Brunn

Diego Chavez

Mark Stephan

David Methew

Andrew Wilson